XXXX-in-1 Replacement IDE HDD JAMMA Game Boards Retro Active Arcade - Retro Active Arcade
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XXXX-in-1 Replacement IDE HDD

A variety of replacement IDE HDD's for the XXXX-in-1 JAMMA boards. Compatible with brands such as Games Family, Game King and Baby Star.

NOTE: These drives are ONLY compatible with the Blue XXXX-in-1 Double-Decker JAMMA boards. These are NOT compatible with the Green XXXX-in-1 Double-Decker JAMMA boards.

These HDD's will NOT be compatible with 2100-in-1 JAMMA boards.


  • 1x HDD of Choice (Excluding 2100-in-1)
Game Lists

Below are the game lists we have available for the following replacement IDE HDD's:

Please note due to translation, we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of these game lists.