All orders over $1000.00 CAD require verification. 

To verify your order we require:

A signed Credit Card Authorization form
A copy of your credit card and Photo ID.

This information is used explicitly for verification purposes and is held for 90 days in cold storage after your items have been delivered. After 90 days your information is deleted.

Payment via e-transfer or wire transfer is accepted and does not require verification. Please contact us at if you would like to purchase your order via e-transfer or wire transfer.

All Arcade sales are final.

By purchasing one of our machines, you agree to these terms.

Don't want to wait 4-6 weeks for an arcade?  These are the deluxe models with all the bells and whistles ready to go now!  Our expert craftsmen have custom built these models and have carefully chosen the customization to suit every avid arcade enthusiast.When ordered, they will ship out within 48 hours of our next business day or you can come view them in our showroom and drive home with it the same day!