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**NOTE** Game boards do not save high scores, high scores are reset when powered down unless stated otherwise.
What's the Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical?

Horizontal screen orientation is when the monitor is wider than it is tall - probably like your computer monitor is now!  You would use this orientation for games like Bubble Bobble, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc.

Vertical screen orientation is when the monitor is taller than it is wide - a "portrait" setup, like a phone screen.  This would be used for games like PacMan, Donkey Kong, 1942, etc.

Be sure your monitor set up will match your game board!

Vertical Boards  

Can be used in upright cabinets with vertical mounted monitors or sit down cocktails

Hybrid 3-Way Cocktail JAMMA Boards
  • 3516-in-1 PANDORA BOX DX:
    516-in-1 GAME LIST
    3000-in-1 GAME LIST
    Vertical & Horizontal game play. This is a hybrid of the vertical 516-in-1 King of Air 2 Pandora Box and the 3000-in-1 Pandora Box DX boards into 1 game board used for 3-Way Cocktails ONLY! Hold player 1 buttons A & B for 4 - 6 seconds to change from 516 (Vertical mode) to 3000 (Horizontal mode).  User Manual

Upright Horizontal Screen Boards