I-PAC 4 Wiring Kit

I-PAC 4 Wiring Harness

A complete set of wires and ground harnesses to wire your 4 player arcade when using the I-PAC 4 Arcade Encoder.


  • 24 Signal Wires for Action Buttons
  • 4 Signal Wires for Player Buttons
  • 4 Signal Wires for Coin-In Buttons
  • 16 Signal Wires for Joysticks
  • 2 Daisy Chain Ground Harnesses (18c & 32c)

Each signal wires is 1m (3.3 ft) in length with a .187" or .110" Insulated Terminal

*Colors cannot be chosen for this kit but you will get a separate colors to define each player slot*

If you want specific colors you can order 1m wire lengths HERE.


  • Works with I-Pac perfectly
  • Save time and money, no tools needed!  
  • No more crimping connectors to your wires.
  • Use for several types of Japanese arcade buttons that use .110 connectors
  • Works with I-Pac perfectly
  • You can cut the wires to any length, long enough to use on any control top.
  • Color-coordinate your wires to provide a custom look and feel to your joystick projects and keep it organized.