The Complete Wraith | 4 Player JAMMA Console
$899.99 CAD

The Complete Wraith: 4 Player JAMMA Console Plug & Play Ready.

Don't want to do the work to build your own? Buy a fully assembled, plug & play Console for your Arcade machine or as a stand-alone game system.

Featuring several Personalization Options to make your entire Console uniquely yours!

Images seen are for reference only. Actual product may differ depending on layout and components chosen in your order.


  • Length: 42"
  • Depth: 17-3/4""
  • Height: 7-1/4"
  • Weight: approx. 30-40lbs

What is Included in the Assembled Kit?

  • Fully Assembled Console/Control Panel
  • Components as selected by the customer 
  • Full list of items included:
    T-Mold/Trim of Choice
    4x Joysticks of Choice
    6x Buttons of Choice for Players 1 & 2
    4x Buttons of Choice for Players 3 & 4
    1x Credit Button per Player
    1x Player/Start Button per Player
    2x JAMMA Wiring Harnesses
    4 Player Adapter Board
    Switching Arcade Power Supply
    Power Switch & Cables
    JAMMA Game Board of Choice

Tools and Materials Required

No tools or materials are required! This is a plug & play unit.

  • Fully Personalize the Console/Control Panel to the options you select.
  • All components and electrical are installed professionally by Retro Active Arcade.
  • CNC cut 3/4" black melamine
  • Choice of decal
    All decals are printed and laminated in-house using commercial grade materials. Decals are laminated for longevity and protection.
  • Choice of trim color
    T-Mold slot will be pre-cut regardless if trim is chosen or not.
  • Choice of Joystick style/brand
  • Choice of Button style/brand
  • Choice of Pandora Box JAMMA Board