Pandora Box DX 3 Way JAMMA Board Vertical & Horizontal JAMMA Game Boards 3A Game - Retro Active Arcade
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Vertical and Horizontal Multigame JAMMA PCB

Have you always wanted the best of both worlds when it comes to vertical and horizontal games in a cocktail table arcade machine? Well now you can!

3A game has released a Pandora Box DX 3 way JAMMA board with 3000 Horizontal Games and 516 Vertical Games! This game board is loaded with really great games with no hard drive to fail! The game list can be searched by category OR by typing in the name of the game you are looking for using a virtual keyboard!

3000-in-1 Horizontal Game List

516-in-1 Vertical Game List

To swap between the vertical and horizontal game lists, hold the Player 1 B button for 4 - 6 seconds.


  • 1x Pandora Box DX 3 Way Game Board
  • 1x User Manual
These are a product of China. Due to translation from Chinese to English some games may be listed with the incorrect name. Retro Active Arcade Ltd. is not to be held responsible for these mistakes as we are not the manufacturer of these particular gaming systems.

NEW Pandora Box DX 3 Way JAMMA Board Features:
  • Switch between the Vertical Game list of 516 Games and Horizontal Game List of 3000 Games
  • Precise Search - Search by name or category!
  • High Score Record - Saves your highest score automatically!
  • Supports 3 & 4 player games! *USB Game Pads must be used for Players 3 & 4*
  • Add scan lines for a truly retro experience!
  • Now with 34 3D games!
  • Add up to 5000 more games on your own USB Stick! Supports FBA, MAME, PS1, SFC/SNES, FC and Mega Drive games. *Please note we do not offer support for adding extra games to any Pandora's Box JAMMA board*

Standard Features:

  • Universal JAMMA connector
  • User friendly game selection menu
  • Free play or coin in option
  • Pause functionality (press player 2 credit while in game OR hold Player 1 button)
  • Video outputs supported:
    VGA (640 x 480)
    HDMI (1280 x 720)
  • External volume adjustment control
3 Sided Cocktail Set Up

Requirements for 3 Sided Cocktail Set Up:

  • Horizontally mounted monitor
  • 4 Joysticks, 24 buttons & 4 Player buttons ( 2 sets of Player 1 & 2)
  • 3 Way Pandora Box JAMMA Harness (not 1162-in-1 JAMMA harness)
  • **Credit Button required when not in Free Play**