3 Way Pandora Box JAMMA Harness Wiring & Harnesses Universal - Retro Active Arcade
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3 Way Pandora Box JAMMA Wiring Harness

This JAMMA harness is designed specifically for the 3 Way Pandora Box DX JAMMA board to easily install and connect to your 3 Way Cocktail Arcade System.

Fast connection to power supply with attached terminal forks for all required voltages (+5VDC, +12VDC, GND). Video signal connects through VGA or HDMI via the Pandora Box DX JAMMA board directly. Full ground daisy chain for all joystick/button micro-switches on your control panel. The wires are all hand soldered through eye-loops to the high quality 56-pin edge connector, and then are fully heat shrink treated for extra protection.

*Stock Photo Used. Item may not look exactly as pictured*

Product Features:

  • Standard: JAMMA
  • Pin Quantity: 28
  • Quick Connector Size: .187"
  • Wires for buttons 1 through 6 per player
  • Fast connection for all required voltages (+5V, +12V & GND)
  • Power Switch to AC Cable


  • 1x 3 Way Pandora Box DX JAMMA Harness
Wiring & Instructions

Please see the diagrams below for JAMMA Wiring and quick-disconnect terminal sizes as well as how to connect your Power Switch to your AC Arcade Power Supply.

JAMMA Wiring Harness Map

LED Power Switch to Power Supply Wiring Diagram 

(Note: The Power Switch to AC Power cable will NOT power the LED on the power switch. You will need to provide your own jumper wires for this as seen in the diagram above)

Note for Power Switch to AC Power Cable: Yellow/Green is typically ground, Brown is White and Blue is Black in the wiring diagrams.

Wire Connections Explained