1 Player JAMMA Arcade Kit
1 Player JAMMA Arcade Kit 1 Player JAMMA Arcade Kit Arcade Bundles Retro Active Arcade - Retro Active Arcade
$57.99 CAD

One Player JAMMA Kit (Basic)

This kit is perfect for the single player Arcade games such as Tetris, Gauntlet, Ms. Pac Man, Asteroids and more! Mix and match your colors, buttons styles and joystick type to make this kit uniquely yours!


  • 1x Joystick of Choice
  • 7x Buttons of Choice
  • 1x White Printed Player Button (Plain White button with button decal insert will be provided if Illuminated Buttons are selected)
  • 1x JAMMA Harness

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Please see the diagrams below for JAMMA Wiring and quick-disconnect terminal sizes.

JAMMA Wiring Harness Map

Wire Connections Explained