Illuminated Eclipse Buttons - Green Pushbuttons Universal - Retro Active Arcade
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Illuminated Eclipse Pushbuttons (Convex) in Green

Full sized and slightly convex with a firm spring. The super bright LED's allow for a bright console. Only the outer rim will be illuminated while the center plunger stays black, giving an awesome eclipse effect!

Buttons work great for Admin functions as well. Pushbutton mounts in 1-1/8" hole (standard). The LEDs included with this button require +12v power.

Looking for a +5v LED button instead? Check out our +5V LED Lamps to swap out the +12v LED Lamps that come with these buttons by default.


    • 1x Green Eclipse LED Button
    • 1x +12v LED Lamp
    • 1x Lamp Holder
    • 1x Microswitch
    • 1x Button Nut

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    Wiring Instructions

    Wiring Information: Button wiring is 1 wire for ground connection and 1 wire for signal connection. LED wiring is 1 wire for the positive connection and 1 wire for the negative connection.

    • Microswitch terminal: 0.187"
    • LED Lamp Holder terminal: 0.250"

    Don't know the difference between 0.110", 0.187" and 0.250" Terminal Connectors? Check out the diagram that explains this below! Click on the image to view the full size.

    Standard Quick Disconnect Terminal Sizes

    Don't know which side of your LED Lamps are positive and negative? Check out the diagram below explaining the LED Lamp Polarity. Click on the image to view the full size.

    LED Lamp Polarity