Double Coin Door Complete
Double Coin Door Complete Double Coin Door Complete
Double Coin Door Complete with Lights and mechanisms
*Wiring not included*
  • Sturdy one-piece frame of die cast aluminium
  • Allows the use of 2 coin entries
  • Thicker 16 gauge steel for improved security
  • Convertible Coin/Currency Door System compatible
  • Exclusive reject button design with unbreakable metal plunger  
  • Sturdy one-piece steel frame with door clips for installation into cabinet 
  • "Universal" Patented one-piece mech. holder design. Will fit all known 3" x 5" mechanical and electronic acceptors on the market
  • Fitted with full metal cash box enclosure 
  • Includes meter mounting provision inside of cashbox enclosure.  
  • Cashbox will hold an estimated $1,350 in US Quarters.  
  • Security ribs to prevent pry bar entry are cast into frame
  • Mounting hardware included 
  • Industry standard mounting dimensions 
  • Lock and key combo to protect those dollars (AMOA standard locks)  
  • Fitted with Coin Mech to accept Canadian and American quarters

NOTE: This item is available by pre-order only. It will ship out within 2-21 days after ordering. Please be advised that if this item is a part of your order, your order will NOT ship out until it is complete.