3" Illuminated RGB Arcade USB Trackball Trackballs Universal - Retro Active Arcade
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3" Illuminated RGB Arcade USB Trackball

A trackball that can be used for MAME/PC/Mac or JAMMA! This trackball comes with USB and PS/2 Connections. Illumination is bright and uniform. Change the LED color mode by connecting a button to the button wire harness included with the trackball.

This trackball is not a high-lip trackball.


  • 1x 3" Illuminated RGB Trackball
  • 1x USB & PS/2 Harness
  • 3 Button Wire Harness with .187" terminal connectors

This trackball requires a 3" Trackball Mount to install into your control panel. Mount sold separately.

  • 3" Arcade quality roller ball
  • RGB Illumination  - see the LED Color Mode tab above for instructions
  • Connectivity:
    USB & PS/2 Connectivity
  • 3 Button Wire Harness with .187" terminal connectors
    (may require a driver to utilize all 3 buttons)
  • Solid Steel Rollers
  • Automatically detects USB or PS/2 connection as a mouse.
  • Illumination: powered through USB (5v)
    RGB Illumination cannot be controlled through software. See the LED Color Mode tab above for instructions on changing the mode of your trackball.
  • Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 2.75" (L x W x H)
  • Button Wire Harness:
    Black - Ground
    White - Mouse Right
    Green - Mouse Left
    Orange - LED Mode
    Red - not used
LED Color Mode

The RGB Illumination on this 3" Trackball cannot be controlled through software. The color mode can only be changed by connecting a button to the orange wire from the 3 Button Wire harness included with the trackball. Press the button to change the color modes. 

LED Color Modes:

  • Fade (default - will fade from color to color automatically)
  • Flash (will cycle through all colors automatically)
  • Green
  • Light Green
  • Lime Green
  • Blue
  • Red/Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Pale Blue (white)
  • Off

The RGB Illumination is powered through the USB connection. This means it is 5v only. If you are not using your trackball on a PC/Mac/Raspberry Pi (ie. you've connected it to a JAMMA board) you will need to connect the USB to a separate power source with USB connection such as a standard USB phone charger (not a fast charger!).