12v RGB LED Light Kit for U-Trak Video Game Arcade Cabinet Accessories Retro Active Arcade - Retro Active Arcade
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$8.99 CAD

12v RGB LED Light Kit for U-Trak Trackballs

Light up your U-Trak Trackball with this incredibly easy to install 12v RGB LED kit! This little guy allows you to light up the Pearl U-Trak Trackball to any color. Light up the Fireball Red and Translucent Blue U-Trak Trackballs for an extra punch of color.


  • 1x RGB LED Light Kit

Note: Does NOT include an LED Controller. This must be purchased separately.


Product Features:

  • 12v RGB Lighting
  • Compatible with Pearl, Red and Blue U-Trak Trackballs
  • Fits perfectly into U-Trak Trackball's housing
  • Can be used for any other application that requires 12v RGB lighting
  • Can be wired to any standard RGB Led controller that utilizes 12v
    (NOT compatible with Ultimarc's PacLED64 or I-PAC Ultimate I/O as they only provide 5v power)
  • Open end wires for versatility

Product Specifications:

  • 12v Power
  • RGB LED illumination
  • Dimensions: 1" x 1"
  • 7.5" wire length