STEGO BOARD is a product that was invented for people who want to build their own computer systems, 3D print accessories for it and be able to hide or display their creations easily. It was designed by makers, for makers.

It is a product that has been refined and tested to near perfection. It is designed to look attractive, but never compromise on functionality. Thousands of hours have been spent on designing this product and 3D print accessory line which work together seamlessly. There is a simulator for Windows that lets people test the product, and also plan their builds. Making a custom system is now easier than before, more intuitive and fun.

Depending on how you design your system, you can wall mount, TV mount, monitor mount or desk mount STEGO BOARD. It can be used in a casual, commercial, educational, research or decorative setting. It isn't limited to one single type of use or environment. It becomes what you make it for. It's entirely up to you. You can easily make changes. You aren't limited. That's the spirit of being a maker.

If you are smart, a maker, love working with computers, want the most options available to you, in one single product, you are our customer. As a small company, we value your business and respect you for choosing us. You are important. You matter. We want to help you use the product. We will be there for you.

You have found a product that makes a wonderful gift for that maker who is hungry for 'the best'. This is the best. You have found STEGO BOARD.

Computer hardware you can use:

  • Raspberry Pi computers:
    1A+, 1B+, 2B, 3B, 3B+, 4B, Zero, Zero W, 7" Touchscreen
  • All 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives.
  • Small Form Factor PC's (ie. Intel NUC)
  • Mini ITX Motherboards
  • Video cards
  • SFX power supplies

For in depth and detailed answers to common questions about Stego Board, please visit Stego Board's FAQ Page.

102 Stack Stego Board - Retro Active Arcade On Sale

Stego Board

102 Stack

$39.70 CAD $49.55 CAD

104 Stack Stego Board - Retro Active Arcade On Sale

Stego Board

104 Stack

$79.36 CAD $99.18 CAD

400 Board Stego Board - Retro Active Arcade On Sale

Stego Board

400 Board

$75.00 CAD $93.81 CAD

DIY Cube Stego Board - Retro Active Arcade On Sale

Stego Board

DIY Cube

$100.79 CAD $126.00 CAD