Universal Jamma Harness Wiring & Harnesses Universal - Retro Active Arcade
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2 PL Standard/Universal 28/56 Pin JAMMA Harness

Color coded connections for 2 players (buttons 1-6), power, coin, video and sound.

Choose which size connectors you want for your JAMMA harness and each lead will have either .110" & .187" or just .187" quick connects for easy installation.

Power lines (+5VDC, +12 VDC, and GND) have terminal forks for a quick connection to your arcade power supply.

JAMMA Wiring Map

Wire Connections Explained

Product Features:

  • Standard: Jamma Pins
  • Quantity: 28
  • Quick Connector Size: .110" OR .187"
  • Quick Disconnect Terminals
  • All Power wires use 18AWG wiring. All other wiring uses 22AWG.
  • Fast connection to power supply with attached terminal forks for  +5VDC, +12VDC, -5VDC, GND.
  • Video signals connect through included standard monitor connector.
  • Full ground daisy chain for all joystick/button micro-switches on your control panel.
  • Wires for buttons 1 through 6 per player


  • 1 x 28/56 Pin JAMMA Harness of your choice (.110" or .187")