Female DC Power Jack Adaptor Power Solutions Universal - Retro Active Arcade
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Female DC Power Jack Adaptor

Connect your bare wired harnesses to this DC Power Jack Adaptor for an easy solution that doesn't involve splicing or soldering of any kind! Plug any DC Barrel Jack connector to this adaptor and your positive and negative wires from your harness to the screw in terminals. Simple!

This product is great for any 5v - 12v power solution such as LED Pushbuttons, Audio Amps, etc. Pairs well with our 12V 3A Power Adapter and LED Wiring Harnesses!


  • 1x DC Power Jack Adaptor


  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm Female DC power jack connector
  • Max Voltage: 300V
  • No crimping, splicing or soldering! Just a small Philips screw driver needed to tighten the terminals.

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