2 Player Complete Cocktail Arcade Kit
$108.12 CAD

Player Head to Head Cocktail Kit Complete

Create your own unique kit with our customization options! This bundle is for a vertical monitor position that utilizes head to head based game play. When Player 2 takes a turn, the monitor will flip to face Player 2 position. 


  • 2x Joysticks of Choice
  • 8x Buttons of Choice
  • 2x White Printed Player Buttons (Plain White button with button decal insert will be provided if Illuminated Buttons are selected)
  • 1x JAMMA Harness
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x Power Switch
  • 1x 4' Premium Power Cord
  • 2x Speakers with Black Plastic Grilles
  • 1x Mini Hi Fi Audio Amp

Items received may not be exactly as shown

Wire Connections Explained