60-in-1 Vertical JAMMA Game Board JAMMA Game Boards iCade - Retro Active Arcade
SKU: iCA003-60
$74.99 CAD

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60-in-1 Vertical JAMMA Game Board

This is a classic PCB with 60 classical games. (Vertically mounted monitors only!)

Game List and User Manual

Looking for the most popular and well known Arcade Classic games ever made? This JAMMA board has them all! This 60-in-1 PCB has a high score saver and can also use a standard arcade trackball.


  • 1x 60-in-1 JAMMA Board
  • 1x User Manual

Item Features:

  • Universal JAMMA connection
  • All vertical classic arcade games
  • User friendly game selection menu
  • Free play or coin in option
  • Supports CGA (standard resolution) through the JAMMA harness or VGA computer monitor (high resolution)
    Some CGA resolutions may not be supported.
  • Supports upright and cocktail cabinets (screen automatically flips for second player in cocktail mode)
  • Each game is customizable - difficulty, game speed, number of lives, etc
  • Enable or disable specific games
  • Uses standard arcade power supply
  • Supports standard arcade type trackball
  • Save high score function *Does not save names*
Item Requirements

Requirements for Stand Up & Cocktail setups:

  • Vertically mounted monitor
  • Stand-Up: 1 Joystick, 3 Action Buttons & 2 Player Buttons
  • Cocktail: 2 Joysticks, 6 Action Buttons & 2 Player Buttons
  • Standard JAMMA Arcade setup