Commercial Arcade Machines

Commercial Arcade Machines manufactured by Retro Active Arcade are sold specifically for licensing and as single game systems. Commercial Arcade Machines can be manufactured with either Coin Doors (supplied by us) or Card Readers (customer supplied) with integrated payment methods such as Intercard and other major commercial payment processing to generate revenue. Pricing will be based on licensing, coin doors/card readers, aesthetic upgrades, etc.

    Our current estimated build time is 4 - 8 Weeks.
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    Commercial Touchscreen Kiosks

    Retro Active Arcade can manufacture a personalized touchscreen kiosk branded specifically to your business! All vinyl decals are printed and laminated in house - you just provide us with the print-ready artwork. Choose the touchscreen you want for your kiosk and we'll do the rest!

    Corporate Arcade Machines

    If you are looking for an Arcade Machine for your business (ie. For a break room, waiting room, or even a free-play machine for your food establishment) and don't plan on generating revenue from it, we can build a Personalized Arcade Machine that is branded specifically to your business! Please see the Personalized Arcades Page for all options available to you.

    The benefits of our machines include:

    • Classic arcade machine design (see our Classic 2 Player Origin).
      Please contact us for other model options available to you.
    • Designed to fit through any man door over 24" wide.
    • Modular construction for ease of warranty of future part replacements and upgrades.
    • Superior construction and design with years of professional cabinet making expertise.
    • High-end components throughout.
    • All vinyl decals are printed and laminated using 3M products in-house.
    • 30 Day Warranty on installed electronics (Excluding physical and liquid damage).
    • Full service support online or by phone appointment.
    • Largest supplier of arcade parts in Canada for part replacement.
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    Acceptable forms of payment, warranty and shipping information and Policies can be found on each of the product pages.

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