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2 Player Upright JAMMA Complete Kit

Create your own unique kit with our customization options! All the components you need to build your DIY machine are in this kit. This bundle is for a horizontal monitor position in a 2 player upright or bar top Arcade Machine. 


  • 2x Joysticks of Choice
  • 14x Buttons of Choice
  • 2x White Printed Player Buttons (Plain White button with button decal insert will be provided if Illuminated Buttons are selected)
  • 1x JAMMA Harness
  • 1x Arcade Power Supply
  • 1x Power Switch
  • 1x Power Switch to AC Power Cable
  • 1x 4' Premium Power Cord
  • 1x RCA Stereo Cables
  • 2x Speakers with Black Metal Grilles
  • 1x Audio Amplifier

Items received may not be exactly as shown depending on options selected.

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Wiring & Instructions

Please see the diagrams below for JAMMA Wiring and quick-disconnect terminal sizes as well as how to connect your Power Switch to your AC Arcade Power Supply & Audio Amp.

JAMMA Wiring Harness Map

LED Power Switch to Power Supply Wiring Diagram 

(Note: The Power Switch to AC Power cable will NOT power the LED on the power switch. You will need to provide your own jumper wires for this as seen in the diagram above)

Note for Power Switch to AC Power Cable: Yellow/Green is typically ground, Brown is White and Blue is Black in the wiring diagrams.

Wire Connections Explained

Instructions for connecting your Audio Amp to your system and speakers: