I-PAC 2 Wiring Kit

I-PAC 2 Wiring Kit.

A complete set of wires and ground harness to wire your two player arcade using the I-PAC 2 arcade encoder.

Twelve signal wires for player action buttons, two signal wires for player one and two start buttons, one signal wire for coin in button, eight signal wires for joysticks and one ground harness.

1 Meter (3.3 ft) Wire with .187" or .110" Terminal Connectors

*Colors cannot be chosen for this kit but you will get 2 separate colors to define Player 1 and 2*

If you want specific colors you can order 1 Meter wire lengths HERE.


  • Works with i-Pac perfectly
  • Save time and money, no tools needed!  
  • No more crimping connectors to your wires.
  • Use for several types of Japanese arcade buttons that use .110 connectors
  • You can cut the wires to any length, long enough to use on any control top.
  • Color-coordinate your wires to provide a custom look and feel to your joystick projects and keep it organized.


  • 25x 1m Wire w/female .187" or .110" crimped end (in 2 colors)
  • 1x 18c Insulated Ground Harness