Zero Delay Arcade Encoder - .110 (Japanese)


Zero Delay USB Arcade Encoder (1Player)

The M.A.M.E. community is bustling with DIY retro-style multi-game arcade cabinets, allowing you to enjoy hundreds or thousands of titles in one machine.  

The PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB is one of the simplest and most economical ways to add Playstation 3 and PC control to a custom-built fightstick or M.A.M.E. PC arcade cabinet.


   • Common ground PCB.
   • Plug and play- includes all needed wiring for joystick and 12 buttons, with no soldering or    special tools needed (plan pcb placement accordingly).
   • Available with .110" connectors (Japanese style controls).
   • .110 connector version includes a 5pin connection harness plus 12 button wires with .110"    quick disconnects 
   • Mode button toggles joystick input and left analog/POV hat switch input (useful for games or    emulators that require one or the other)
   • Activate AUTO FIRE or TURBO mode by pressing the desired input buttons and AUTO or TURBO    button at the same time.  The Mode LED will flash as the auto fire is in use.  12Hz input frequency.
To deactivate AUTO FIRE or TURBO, press the input buttons and CLR.
   • Users who need extra wire length can easily splice in more for buttons placed far from pcb (may be needed for arcade cabinet start/select/credit buttons)
   • Tested and works natively on Sony Playstation 3 (no home button support, use DS3 to bring up home menu).
   • No special joystick drivers needed.


M.A.M.E. - or "Multi Arcade Machine Emulator" is commonly used when building multi-game arcade cabinets.  You can connect multiple zero delay PCBs together.  In M.A.M.E., each PCB will register its buttons and joystick as "Joy 1", "Joy 2" and so forth.  Building a 2, 3 or 4 player cabinet for M.A.M.E. is now a rather simple affair.


   • PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB (Size: 3.35"/85.09mm W x 0.37"/9.39mm H x 1.40"/35.56mm D) 
   • .110 connector version includes a 5pin connection harness for the joystick, plus 12 button wires with .110" quick disconnects 
   • Special 6 foot USB cable that connects to the PCB, and outputs to the PC.