Whiteside Slotting Cutter Arbor 1/4" Shank T Molding Whiteside - Retro Active Arcade
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SKU: UN018-A200B
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Whiteside Slotting Cutter Arbor 1/4" Shank

More Details:

  • Manufacturer: Whiteside
  • Model Number: A200B
  • Shank: 1/4" Overall Length: 2-3/8"
  • Includes a B5 bearing for 1/2" depth of cut.
  • Add a different size bearing to change the depth of cut.


  • 1x B5 bearing for 1/2" depth of cut
  • 1x Whiteside Slotting Cutter Arbor 1/4"Shank
  • 2x Washers
  • 1x Top nut

Slotting Cutters sold separately


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