Suzo Happ Super JAMMA Harness Wiring & Harnesses Suzo Happ - Retro Active Arcade
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Suzo Happ Super JAMMA Harness

Suzo Happ™ Super JAMMA+ HarnessThis 2 player harness is 5' long to fit any cabinet. JAMMA standard edge connection with wires for power, speakers, coin switches, start switch, and controls. Button's five and six (green and orange wires) are pigtailed and ready for extensions and connectors to be added. 

JAMMA Wiring Map

Wire Connections Explained


  • Comes with 2 quick release Molex connections for PL 1 & 2 for quick removal of Control Panel with .187" connectors
  • High quality wire and connectors
  • Labelled for easy identification
  • Standard JAMMA pinout


  • 1x Suzo Happ Super JAMMA Harness