AimTrak Super IR Bar Light Guns Ultimarc - Retro Active Arcade
$33.99 CAD

Super IR Bar

This High Intensity Infrared (IR) Sensor Bar is an upgrade designed to work with Large TVs and Projectors up to 100 inches! You only need one of these to play with up to 4 Ultimarc AimTrak light guns at the same time. It comes with padded double sided tape so that it sticks nicely to the top of a TV or Projector.


  • Recommended for TVs or Projectors from 32 inches up to 100 inches in size.
  • Works up to 12 feet away from the screen.
  • Compatible with Ultimarc AimTrak Light Guns. 
  • Compatibility not tested for other applications.
  • Powered through USB cable.
  • Size: (L)0.5" X (W)11" X (H)0.625"


  • 1x Super IR sensor bar w/ 10ft USB cable.