Sanwa OBSF 24mm (OEM) - White Pushbuttons Sanwa Denshi - Retro Active Arcade
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Sanwa OBSF 24mm button in White

Sanwa's most popular buttons! This button is generally used to replace smaller buttons such as a "Start" "Select" or "Turbo" in a control panel or fight stick made of thinner material such as metal.

Some brands of fight sticks these buttons are compatible with are MadCatz, and Qanba.

OBSF Sanwa buttons have a clip on both sides of the button and pops directly into place, with no nut required.

It is a convex button with a momentary contact microswitch built in to the button for a one-piece assembly.

  • Size: 24mm diameter x 13mm height
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 24mm
  • .110 terminal microswitch
  • Microswitch tested for 1,000,000 cycles.
  • Convex

Wire Connections Explained


  • 1x White Sanwa OBSF 24mm Button
Wiring Instructions

Wiring Information: Button wiring is 1 wire for ground connection and 1 wire for signal connection. 

  • Microswitch terminal: 0.110"

Don't know the difference between 0.110", 0.187" and 0.250" Terminal Connectors? Check out the diagram that explains this below! Click on the image to view the full size.

Standard Quick Disconnect Terminal Sizes