PacLED64 Advanced LED Controller

PacLED64 Advanced LED Controller

64 channel LED controller with full dimming, flash storage and other advanced features. Includes USB and power cables.

Includes empty connector housings. See product page and items in this section for additional connection requirements.


64 LED channels with 256 brightness levels for full RGB color mixing NEW FEATURE! Can be set to flash any or all LEDs at one of 3 rates, without PC control. Can be used with single-color or RGB LEDs (RGB use 3 channels) Constant current negates the need for resistors for each LED Can be used with LEDs with inbuilt resistors if required 128-command flash storage for “attract-mode” sequences which run immediately on power-up with no PC present Supports single-command fades with preset speed on-board. Multiple fades can overlap Comes with power cable for plugging into a PC disk drive power connector, and USB cable User-assigned IDs allow multiple boards to be connected Extensive software support including test application, Software Development kit for adding support to your own programs, and LedBlinky third-party software Compact modular connectivity. Our Ultralux RGB pushbuttons simply plug in. Other harnesses and connectors available.

Kit Includes:

  • PacLED64 Board
  • USB Cable Power cable for connection to PC HDD power 2 x 48-way empty connector housings
  • Wires with crimp contacts (ordered separately if required) push into these
  • Each LED must have its negative connection (cathode) connected to one of the numbered pins 1-64. Each LED must also have its positive (anode) connection connected to one of the supply pins marked “+”. Note it does not matter which of the “+” pins you use as they are all connected together on the board. You can daisy-chain multiple LED + connections and connect to one + pin.

The picture below shows a schematic representation of three LEDs connected to channels 31-33 USB LED Controller Note that if using Ultimarc Ultralux RGB pushbuttons, no additional connectors or wiring is required. These have built-in wiring and connectors available in 2 lengths. The pins labeled A1-A6, PR, NX and GND are for future customized OEM versions of the board and are not used in the standard version.