Long Zippyy Joystick - Bat Top Joysticks Zippyy - Retro Active Arcade
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$10.72 CAD

Zippyy Joystick - Long Shaft

This joystick has a heavy duty feel, with several metal parts and a plastic bat with a socket pivot arrangement.

The restrictor plate on this one is quite versatile allowing a restricted clover 4-way, square 8-way or straight 2-way operation. The restrictor can also be removed completely for 8-way mode which gives it a more rounded feel.

The shallow footprint lends itself well to installations where there is limited below-panel space. This joystick is ideal for a recessed mount in a wooden panel. 


  • 1x Zippyy Long Shaft Joystick
  • 1x Dust Washer
  • 1x Bat Top of Choice