5v LED Zero Delay Encoder .110
5v LED Zero Delay Encoder .110 5v LED Zero Delay Encoder .110 5v LED Zero Delay Encoder .110
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5v LED Zero Delay Encoder .110

LED Zero Delay USB Arcade Encoder (1Player)

This encoder is a cost effective and simple way of building your DIY Fight Stick or MAME Arcade build! You can use multiple encoders for multiple players (1 Player per encoder). This encoder will power 5v LED buttons. 

5v LED Zero Delay Wiring Map


  • 1x Zero Delay LED encoder board 
  • 1x USB Cable A to B
  • 1x 5pin Cable for Joystick OR 4x .187" terminal 2 Pin Wire Cables
  • 10x .110" terminal 3 Pin Wire cables for LED Buttons

Wiring Harness:

The wiring harness will connect to pushbuttons with .110" terminal connectors. It also includes wiring for the LEDs (.110"). Note: This encoder does NOT come with wiring for illuminated pushbuttons that require .250" quick disconnect terminals for the LED wiring.

Joystick Wiring:

You have the option to choose a 5 Pin Ribbon Cable or 4x .187" terminal Wires depending on the type of joystick you have.

Don't know the difference between .110", .187" and .250" Terminal Connectors? Check out the link to a diagram that explains this below!

Wire Connections Explained


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