Hori Hayabusa Silent Joystick (6 pin)
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Hori manufactured and branded.

The Hori Hayabusa is a high quality joystick which is manufactured by Hori in Japan. The Hori Hayabusa joystick is viewed by many to be on a par with a Sanwa JLF series arcade joystick, whilst other opinions rate these to be better than the Sanwa JLF series of joysticks. Each Hori Hayabusa joystick comes complete with a black ball top handle and a black dust cover/shaft cover set.

This joystick is very responsive, which translates to faster and more accurate inputs during gameplay and also features a unique wiring setup, which connects the 4 individual microswitches to the main PCB. Each microswitch can easily be removed, which is ideal for those customers that like to modify or try out alternative microswitches, such as the Cherry D44X or Sanwa MS-0-3 for a different feel.

Product Features:

  • * Very responsive due to the smaller contact point between the shaft and base
  • * High quality joystick to rival or surpass Sanwa JLF series of Joysticks
  • * Unique wiring that connects the individual microswitches to the PCB
  • * Each microswitch can be removed - ideal for modding and trying alternative microswitches
  • * Square restrictor gate with the input load cut by 5%~15% in order to achieve faster and more precise inputs.
  • The "Hayabusa" Joystick Unit is smoother and more responsive compared to other joysticks in it's class

Wiring And Connecting The Joystick:

The Hori Hayabusa joystick requires a 6 pin cable for connection. A cable can be selected at the time of order if required. For any customer who already has a JLF-H 6 pin cable, this can be used to connect the Hori Hayabusa and no other cable would be required.


  • Hori Hayabusa Joystick
  • Black Hori balltop
  • Black shaft and dustwasher set