Multi Coin CPU Acceptor TW-130B
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CPU Multi Coin Selector Acceptor (Model: TW 130B)

Universal adjustable design, suitable for almost all worldwide coins and game coins.
Auto-lockout if coins move backwards, auto-lockout while coins are blocked.
Intelligent CPU process control with high accuracy.
VR tuning and sensitivity switch of coin acceptance for eliminating slugs and improper coins.
Accepts coins based on the coin's diameter size, thickness and material content.

Material: Plastic
Working Voltage: DC 12V ±10%
Working Current: 650mA
Operating Temperature: -15℃~+75℃
Output Mode: OC
Singal Output: 20ms /40ms / 100ms@650mA
Applying Coin Diameter: 18mm-30mm
Applying Coin Thickness: 1.5mm-2.6mm

Package Includes:
1 x Multi Coin Selector
1 x Installation Wire
4 x Screws