2 Player Cocktail Arcade
2 Player Cocktail Arcade 2 Player Cocktail Arcade

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    $1999.99 CAD

    (plus tax if applicable)

    • Highest Quality Components
    • 60 Classic Arcade Games
    • Your Choice of Top Decal
    • Any Color Trim Except Chrome
    • Your Choice of Button Colors
    • Your Choice of Joystick Toppers
    • Your Choice of Joystick Colors


    All upgrades are optional and additional to the Basic Price.


    • 412 Arcade Games                              $75.00
    • Chrome Trim                                         $75.00
    • Illuminated Pushbuttons                    $75.00

    $225.00 CAD
    (plus tax if applicable)

       2 Player Cocktail Gallery

      Decal Option Gallery

      Decal themes seen in our Galleries or on our Social Media that we have done in the past is a decal option for your machine. Please note this is restricted to arcade models of the same style.
      (ie. stand up, cocktail or pedestal)

       General Color Options


      Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, White, Black. 
      Black pushbuttons not available in LED

      Joystick Toppers:

      Opaque Ball Top: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Orange, Violet, Pink

      Bubble Ball Top: Blue, Green, Yellow, Clear, Pink

      Opaque Bat Top: Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Dark Purple, Orange

      Bubble Bat Top: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Clear, Dark Purple, Orange


      Bright Red, Red, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Blue, Galaxian Green, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White, Grey, Black, Black Leather, Chrome
      Chrome Trim is +$75.00 CAD (plus tax if applicable)

      Looking for a plug & play machine with all the Classic Arcade Games you remember from your youth? Our Cocktail Arcade is the perfect machine for you! We use only the highest quality components in our Arcade Machines.

      All arcade parts are installed in a way that is easy to make warranty repairs and replace parts. No need for a technician with these bad boys!

      We combine high quality and ease of use in a simple plug and play arcade machine that you will not find anywhere else!

      All of our Cocktail Arcade Machines include the following features:
      • 3/4" Melamine Construction
      • 19" LCD Monitor
      • Suzo Happ Ultimate 4 Way Joysticks
      • Small Single Coin Door for Easy Access
      • External Volume Control
      • Tempered Glass Top
      • 1 Year Warranty (excluding physical & liquid damage)
      • Free Online and Phone Technical Support
      • Actual Dimensions: 35" x 22" x 31" (L x W x H)
      • Total Weight: 100 lbs

      *Shipping is calculated at the time the machine is ready to ship. Please see our Shipping Policy for further details*

      Arcade Terms of Service
      Retro Active Arcade Ltd manufactures arcades with coin doors for novelty and aesthetic purposes only. We inform all customers of the legality of any multi game board and the absence of legal license to operate the arcade in a commercial setting to generate revenue. Retro Active Arcade Ltd equips all arcades with a Free Play Button as the systems are not designed or sold for commercial use. This product has been designed for a specific personal use of application. This product may not be used for unlawful purposes and that use is expressly prohibited. In no event shall Retro Active Arcade Ltd be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the misuse of it's products. Retro Active Arcade Ltd will also not be liable for any punitive damages, fines, or legal action in accordance with the customers local gaming laws.