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Whether in fighting games or FPS, competitive gaming requires the right tools to bring out the best of your abilities during play.  FPS and similar games such as Counter Strike GO, Call of Duty, Battlefield series, Overwatch, and more are often best played with a keyboard and mouse, as they utilize a mouse' ability to capture hand motion naturally and precisely, and array of commands within easy reach.  Muscle memory becomes essential here, and that isn't always possible to accomplish via gamepad.  When you look at cross-play opportunities across Playstation 4™ and PC, or Xbox One and PC, those that enjoy their games on console are at a disadvantage.

Brook - developers behind the celebrated Universal Fighting Board and array of cross-platform super converters, introduce the Sniper, a keyboard, mouse and headset* converter designed to offer incredible precision with Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox360 console FPS titles.


Brooks' experience with cross-platform devices provides a distinct advantage over competing console keyboard/mouse devices - there is no need to verify or re-verify authorization via authentic gamepads.  Just plug the Sniper into your console and get going.  As system updates become available for consoles such as the Playstation 4™, Brook will provide compatibility firmware updates to the Sniper as needed.  

Below is a chart of Sniper's benefits in comparison to popular converters on the market:


The Sniper is also versatile.  An extra port behind the device accommodates a gamepad or Fightstick.  With the gamepad port, you can utilize the Sniper to play fighting game titles across multiple platforms.  That's an incredible value, offering many of Brook's popular Super Converter configurations in one compact device.

Before purchasing, please review which Fightsticks have been tested for compatibility by selecting the "Support" tab, or clicking here on a mobile device.  Brook does not guarantee all Fightsticks are supported through the converter.


The Sniper is a Bluetooth 4.0 device, affording it wireless connectivity with a robust configuration app you can use right on your smartphone.  The rich, accessible visual UI provides a number of features:

  • Cloud storage of your unique configurations and macros, accessible anywhere.
  • Visual keyboard and mouse mapping across PS4, PS3, XB1 and XB360 controllers.
  • Easy keyboard and mouse macro creation: design your own, or download new macros for specific FPS titles.
  • Ability to configure shooting speed/rapid fire, plus inverted y-axis.


Fancy a different keyboard and mouse while plugged into the console? Brook Sniper allows you to hot-swap peripherals without the hassle of powering down.  Additionally, the Brook Sniper is firmware upgradeable via USB port behind the device. Connect Sniper to a PC and download the software to update.


Each Brook Sniper is packaged in a sturdy black box, containing the following:

  • Brook Sniper
  • USB Cable (mini USB connects from the back of the device to the console's two available ports via A USB connectors)
  • Quick Start Guide

* Headset for PS3 and PS4 only, upcoming firmware update providing support for Xbox One.