4 Player JAMMA Arcade Kit
$154.50 CAD

Four Player JAMMA Kit (Basic)

Create your own unique kit with our customization options! All the basics you need to start building your 4 player JAMMA DIY Machine are in this kit. Mix and match colors, buttons styles and joystick types to suit your specific needs

xxxx-in-1 Games Family JAMMA boards require an ATX style power supply. The power supply is NOT INCLUDED in this kit.
The 2100-in-1 requires both the 20 Pin & 4 Pin molex connectors to be plugged in. The 2019-in-1 & 3016-in-1 only require the 20 pin molex connector to be plugged in.


  • 4x Joystick of Choice
  • 24x Buttons of Choice
  • 4x White Printed Player Button (Plain White button with button decal insert will be provided if Illuminated Buttons are selected)
  • 2x JAMMA Harnesses

Items received may not be exactly as shown