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$170.65 CAD

Four Player Upright JAMMA Complete Kit

Create your own unique kit with our customization options! All the components you need to build your 4 player JAMMA DIY Machine are in this kit. Mix and match colors, buttons styles and joystick types to suit your specific needs. This is for a horizontal monitor position in a 4 player upright/pedestal Arcade Machine.

The xxxx-in-1 JAMMA boards that this kit is specifically designed for requires an ATX style power supply of at least 300W. It also requires a Switching Arcade Power Supply as well. The ATX power supply is NOT INCLUDED in this kit.

IDE HD XXXX-IN-1 INSTRUCTIONS - Please read BEFORE connecting power to your JAMMA board.


  • 4x Joystick of Choice
  • 24x Buttons of Choice
  • 4x White Printed Player Button (Plain White button with button decal insert will be provided if Illuminated Buttons are selected)
  • 2x JAMMA Harnesses
  • 1x Switching Arcade Power Supply
  • 1x Premium Power Cable
  • 2x Speakers with Black Plastic Grilles
  • 1x Audio Amplifier

Wire Connections Explained

Items received may not be exactly as shown