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The Heroes 5 (2020-in-1) (Horizontal) Multigame JAMMA PCB

Game List

This has the 3D game list of 10 new games listed below. 2020 games on a single JAMMA PC Board platform with a solid state drive.


  • Universal JAMMA connector
  • User Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • Quarter/Token Option (For Free Play a credit switch is needed)
  • Supports VGA and HDMI Standard JAMMA video output or VGA/HDMI output (Auto output detection)
  • External Volume Adjustment Control

Item Requirements: 1 Player: 1 Joystick/6 Buttons or 2 Player: 2 Joysticks/6 Buttons (OPTIMAL). Requires a HORIZONTAL display or a standard PC VGA monitor.


10 3D Games List:

Tekken5, Tekken6, Tekken3, Tekken2, Dragon Ball Z, Bomberman, Puzzle Bobble 2X, The Tennis, Tutor Hitman Reborn, Street Fighter Alpha3 Max.

Includes :

1 x 2020 IN 1 Pandora Treasure 3D Jamma Board