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2 Player Arcade Console JAMMA Ready

This 2 Player Console is ready to install and configure to your system! This console is pre-built and comes complete with all wiring and components. All wood is cut on our CNC Machine and the console is handmade by professionals to give you a quality product. 

The console can be used as either a stand-alone unit or it can be mounted to an Arcade Cabinet or Pedestal Stand. 

This console has been used in-store for testing.


  • CNC cut 3/4" MDF with lacquer finish
  • Themed Decal
  • Plexi cover over control panel
  • Yellow Trim
  • Suzo Happ Competition Joysticks (PL1 Yellow, PL 2 Green)
  • Concave Fusion Buttons (PL1 Yellow, PL2 Green)
  • JAMMA Ready: Pre-wired, JAMMA Board not included.
  • 3" Arcade Trackball with mount (RGB LED, requires separate 12v power)
  • Stand-Alone unit or mount to your Arcade Cabinet or Pedestal
  • 6" Access hole on bottom
  • Audio Amp for external audio control


  • Length: 32"
  • Depth: 20"
  • Height: 6"
  • Weight: 38lbs


  • 1x JAMMA Ready 2 Player Console - Lightly Used, no JAMMA Board.