White Zippy Microswitch .187" 500g Pushbuttons Zippyy - Retro Active Arcade
SKU: ZI006-MICRO-500
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Zippy Microswitch .187" Terminals - 500g

Official ZIPPY microswitch button actuator in 3 terminals. It is durable and stable.

If you are looking for a switch with VERY high actuation, this is the one! This ZIPPY microswitch is an ideal replacement for arcade buttons and is RoHS compliant. This is a quality microswitch, ideal for all your arcade projects.

Brand: ZIPPY

Wire Connections Explained


  • 5A 125/250 VAC
  • Safety Certificate UL CSA
  • Terminals 3 @ 0.187" (4.8mm)
  • Operating Force: 500 grams (3-8N)
    • Contact Resistance (initial).....50m Ω (Max.)
    • Insulation Resistance.....100M Ω (Min.)
    • Withstand Voltage (50Hz).....1500VAC RMS
    • Operating Temperature.....-25℃ to 85 ℃
    • Service Life (mechanical).....Min. 10000000 operations
    • Service Life (electrical).....5A-Min. 10000 operations


    • 1x White Zippy Microswitch