Game Elf Trackball Harness Wiring & Harnesses Universal - Retro Active Arcade
$6.50 CAD $13.14 CAD

2 Player Trackball Harness for Game Elf JAMMA boards.

Want to use your Suzo Happ Trackball with your Game Elf JAMMA board? Now you can! This harness will allow you to connect a Suzo Happ Trackball or 3" 60-in-1 Trackball directly to your Game Elf. Each player has an X and Y connector.

Only for use with Suzo Happ style trackballs, including the 3" 60-in-1 Trackball.


  • 1x Game Elf Trackball Harness
Item Requirements

This Harness is compatible with the following items:

Suzo Happ White 3" Trackball

Suzo Happ RGB LED 3" Trackball

3" White 60-in-1 Arcade Trackball

3" LED 60-in-1 Arcade Trackball