3 - Way Cockail Premium JAMMA Harness (1162 Game Elf)
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$23.59 CAD

3 - Way JAMMA Wiring Harness (1162 Game Elf Only)

All connections to your joystick and push button micro-switches are included and already fully assembled. The wires are all hand soldered through eye-loops to the high quality 56-pin edge connector, and then are fully heat shrink treated for extra protection. Features a -5VDC wire with fork connection to attach right to the JAMMA style switching power supply!

Product Features:

  • Standard: Jamma
  • Pins Quantity: 28
  • Quick Connector Size: .187" 

Wire Connections Explained

Quick, clean connections with attached .187" Quick Disconnect Terminals. All Power wires use 18AWG wiring. All other wiring uses 22AWG. Fast connection to power supply with attached terminal forks for all voltages (+5VDC, +12VDC, -5VDC, GND). Video signals connect through included standard monitor connector. Full ground daisy chain for all joystick/button micro-switches on your control panel. Easy to follow installation sheet can be viewed HERE