DL-480 ticket dispenser (Double)
DL-480 ticket dispenser (Double) DL-480 ticket dispenser (Double) DL-480 ticket dispenser (Double)
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The DL-480 is a versatile ticket dispenser. It has both a 4 wire DL-1275 style input and a 6 pin DL4 style input. Each input can be independently configured to adjust the ticket payout. The inputs can be configured to either multiply or divide the payout by a set factor, or to give a fixed quantity of tickets instead of the normal payout. “Mercy tickets” can be dispensed by connecting the DL4 input to a coin switch. The DL-1275 input remains available to dispense earned tickets. Each input and output can be individually configured to use standard or inverted polarity. This enables the DL-480 to replace most non-standard foreign dispensers. The DL-480 can be purchased as a control board for upgrading an existing Deltronic Labs dispenser, or as a complete dispenser with control board. Control board mounts directly to Deltronic Labs Ticket Dispenser.

No extra board required — easier and less expensive! No extra cabling required — “Plug and Play” Fully operator adjustable and versatile Field configurable to replace foreign dispensers that use inverted control signals. Connect to a coin switch to give a “mercy ticket.” Works with games that use a lower voltage enable signal. Field configurable security mode to disable ticket feed button for high-value applications. Replaces NC-100.

Can be field configured to replace:

  • Adjuster 2AX
  • Adjuster 4AXDL4-S-SDL4-P-SDL-1275NC-100
  • Can be factory configured to replace: Yogi IIDL-232

DL-480 Manual