30mm Silencer for Sanwa/Seimitsu Pushbuttons
$0.55 CAD

This 30mm foam washer silencer is compatible with Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.

  • Installing one of these foam washer silencers into your button, will help reduce the click of the button press.
  • Now you have the ability to silence Sanwa OBSN screw buttons, or the more recent translucent OBSC buttons and Seimitsu buttons, including the popular PS-14-KN.
  • The 1mm foam washer is shaped to fit in both Sanwa and Seimitsu 30mm buttons.Please Note:The Silencer pads are compatible with Hori's Kuro button, but not the more recent matte version due to its construction.
  • Unique Shape And Material:Silencer is a 1mm foam washer that conforms to the internal housing of Sanwa and Seimitsu's 30mm button lineup.
  • It also utilises small "tabs" at each end of the washer, which additionally absorb the sharp sound created as the button plunger's tab meets the rim. Sanwa and Seimitsu - for copyright purposes - deliberately orient their plunger tabs differently from one another.
  • Silencer's tabs can be oriented horizontally or vertically for Sanwa or Seimitsu's unique housing. For Sanwa OBSF, OBSN, OBSC and Seimitsu PS-15 buttons, Silencer's tabs can be snipped off without affecting its ability to reduce noise.
  • Installation:
  • Installing the Silencer foam pads into a Sanwa or Seimitsu button is straightforward.
  • Place the washer - plastic film side down - into the button housing.
  • Align the small tabs so that they stick out of the holes on each side of the housing.
  • For Seimitsu PS-15 low profile buttons, snip the tabs off with scissors and place into the housing.


  • 1x 30mm Foam Silencer