VGA Scanline Video Generator
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VGA Scanline Video Generator

For those who want as close to the original video game experience as possible, this Scanline Generator might be the product for you. This generator allows you to create the effect of scanlines on your LCD monitor screen so that you can have that same nostalgic feeling of an original CRT tube monitor, without sacrificing the perks of having a modern, high-resolution LCD screen. 


  • VGA Input/Output
  • Self-powered; no external power source needed
  • ON/OFF Switch; turn the scanlines on or off at any time
  • Customize the intensity/color of your scanlines with three adjustable resistors
  • Adjustable scanline widths; 1 or 2 line widths
  • Adjustable odd/even scanlines; switch the scan lines up or down one line
  • Vsync; Horizontal or Vertical scanlines


  • 1x Scanline Generator