Nincade Wireless Control PCBA
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NinCade Wireless Control PCBA DIY Kit
The Brook NinCade Wireless Control PCBA for NES Classic or Famicom Mini is a solder-free DIY solution that removes the corded limitations of the popular tiny console.
If you purchased Nintendo's charming 8-Bit throwback console, you've already recognized that their attention to detail included a criminally short gamepad cable. This forces you to remain just 2-3 feet from the console - no longer a reasonable option for those who planned to play on a large screen HDTV. NinCade adds Bluetooth functionality to the hardware by connecting its tiny PCB to the console's internal structure. Rather than a bulky adapter, the device looks the same once installed. Yet you'll find that control options are plentiful.
Works with Bluetooth Devices
NinCade connects the NES Classic Mini or Famicom Mini to a wide host of modern wireless Bluetooth controllers, such as:

PS4/PS4 gamepads
Wii U, Wii gamepads
8-BitDo wireless controllers
Variety of Bluetooth input devices for iOS and Android

Solder-less DIY solution
Here is what you get with NinCade:

Control PCBA
6-pin harness to connect from PCB to console, and back to PCB
Mini screwdriver to open the device
Double sided tape to keep PCB in place

No soldering is required, but you must be comfortable with opening your NES Classic or Famicom Mini. As a DIY product, many that have potentially hacked the console to add more games, or add completely different consoles and games via emulation will find the NinCade is a great choice for enhanced game play.
The list below indicates controllers that have been tested to be compatible with the NinCade.

8Bito: Wireless Controller
Nintendo: Wii Remote
Nintendo: Wii U PRO
ION Arcade: iCade
Sony: PS4 Wireless Controller

Please note
A NinCade PCB controls a single Bluetooth gamepad. You will need to purchase a second unit if you desire to connect two wireless gamepads.
How-to Instructions