*NEW* Pandora Box DX Game Console (OEM)
*NEW* Pandora Box DX Game Console (OEM) *NEW* Pandora Box DX Game Console (OEM)
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NEW Pandora Box DX Game Console (OEM)

The Pandora Box DX (Non-JAMMA) Game Console is the latest and greatest to ever be released! This is a Plug & Play system so all you need is a power outlet and a TV or Monitor to connect to!

New Pandora Box DX Features:

  • Precise Search  - Search by Name or Category!
  • Save/Load Game Progress - Save your game progress before turning off the system and load it right where you left off!
  • High Score Record - Saves your high score automatically!
  • Supports 3 & 4 Player Games with the use of USB game pads (sold separately)
  • Add Scan Lines for a truly Retro experience!
  • Now with 34 3D Games!
  • Add up to 5000 more games on your own USB Stick! Supports FBA, MAME, PS1, SFC/SNES, FC and Mega Drive games. *Please note we do not offer support for adding extra games to any Pandora's Box Game Console*



This console becomes your own arcade machine with 3000 awesome arcade classics. Super compact, quality construction and weighs approximately 13lbs so it can be taken anywhere you go.


Dimensions: 27.5" x 8.75" x 2" (L x W x H)

  • Some LED's on control panel
  • Separate 3.5mm Audio Out for head phone jack
  • On board volume control
  • Easy access to inside
  • Upgrade-able joysticks and buttons


  • 2 Sanwa JLF clone joysticks
  • 2 player 6 button fighting layout with convex buttons
  • VGA & HDMI output
  • Built-in speaker
  • Locking top


  • 3000-in-1 Gaming Station
  • 12 ft VGA cable
  • 10 ft HDMI cable
  • 6 ft power cable
  • Power Adapter (110v to 250v)


  • 30 day warranty on manufacturers defects

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