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IDE Hard Drive 2019-in-1 JAMMA Game Board

JAMMA arcade system with 2019 games ready for your arcade cabinet!

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*PLEASE NOTE* The instructions, specs and manuals for these boards are ever changing. As such, the above instructions may not be exact to every version of these boards available on the market. Please do your research and make sure that the instructions you are following apply to your specific board.


Game selection menu is extremely simple to understand and navigate. To select a game, simply scroll through the list and press the Player One button to select. Directions Up and Down move through the list one game at a time, Left and Right moves ten at a time. At anytime during the active game, the player can return back to main game selection menu by holding in the start button for 3-9 seconds. This JAMMA board is a hard drive computer based system. It can support up to 4 players using the 3 & 4 Player connector board and associated cable wire included.

Already have an IDE xxxx-in-1 JAMMA board, but having problems with it? Watch the troubleshooting tutorial below!

 Tried the troubleshooting tips in the tutorial above with no luck? 

This board is a direct replacement for pre-2017 Game King/Games Family/Baby Star 2019-in-1 JAMMA boards. No modifications needed, just swap out the old board with the new one!


  • Pentium 4 2.4GHz CP, 20G IDE Hard Drive, 512MB DDR 
  • Installed multi game emulators software.
  • Allows coins/coin button inserted before game selection.
  • After power on player can insert coin at any time
  • Support 4 people play mode.
  • Support one game / multi games business mode.
  • Support 3D games.
  • Support video mode: VGA (31KHZ), NTSC (15KHZ), PAL (15KHZ), SEGA 24KHZ). Does not support CGA Monitors
  • Support two-channel stereo audio.
  • Faster I/O response and more stable system operation.
  • Classified all games to Stage, Flying/Shooting, Wrestle/Fighting, Maze/Puzzle, Adult, Sport, Misc./Others, and Special/Classical game list.
  • Each game list can be hidden or shown.
  • Each game in list can be deleted or restored.
  • Support simple Chinese and English.
  • Game configurations are adjustable.
  • Supports coin counter.
  • Set all games for coin and credit value by one DIP SW.
  • Supports PS/2 Trackball.

An ATX power supply of at least 300W is required for this board. Additional power such as an Arcade Switching Power Supply is required to power the top board via the JAMMA harness.


  • 2019-in-1 Main Board with IDE Hard Drive (Blue Double Deck)
  • Satellite board with IDE Ribbon Cable
  • Connector for 1 PL & 2 PL action buttons 5 & 6
  • Audio Ribbon Cable for Satellite board.

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