*NEW* Arcade Power Bundle Arcade Bundles Retro Active Arcade - Retro Active Arcade
*NEW* Arcade Power Bundle Arcade Bundles Retro Active Arcade - Retro Active Arcade *NEW* Arcade Power Bundle Arcade Bundles Retro Active Arcade - Retro Active Arcade
SKU: RA008-P-001
$42.85 CAD

Arcade Power Bundle

Whether you need a power solution for an older Arcade System, or your own DIY Arcade build, this bundle has the basics.


  • 1x Switching Arcade Power Supply
  • 1x LED IEC Power Switch
  • 1x Power Switch to AC Cable
  • 1x IEC Power Cable

This kit contains items for which stock levels are not accounted for individually. If an item included in this kit is out of stock your order will not ship out until it is complete. Feel free to contact us regarding stock levels prior to purchasing if your order is time sensitive.


Product Specifications

Switching Arcade Power Supply Specs:

  • Size: 183mm x 52.31mm x 125.29mm (H x D x W) 
  • Net Weight: 830gs/pc 
  • AC Input : AC 110V - 220V
  • DC Output: +5V/16A, +12V/4A, (+5V adjustable). 
  • 110 Watt switching power supply.
  • Input Frequency: 47~63Hz 
  • LED power on indicator 
  • Built-in EMI Filter 
  • Vertically, Horizontally and Wall-Mount 
  • Maximum noise minimization by built in high speed diode. 
  • Over Load Protection, 130% of Rated Load Short Circuit Protections 
  • Convection cooling Operation Temperature, 0 centigrade to 35 centigrade 
  • Storage Temperature, -20 centigrade to +85 centigrade 

Be sure to switch this power supply to 110v for all North American use before connecting to components and powering on.

LED Power Switch Specs:

  • Dimensions: 58mm x 48mm x 20.3mm (L x W x D)
  • Panel Cut-Out Dimensions: 48mm x 28mm (L x W)
  • Plug Type: 3 Pin IEC Socket
  • Voltage/Current: 125 - 250V / 10A - 15A
  • Connection Terminals: 0.187"
Wiring & Instructions

Please see the diagrams below on how to connect your Power Switch to your Switching Arcade Power Supply and for a description of quick-disconnect terminal sizes.

LED Power Switch to Power Supply Wiring Diagram 

(Note: The Power Switch to AC Power cable will NOT power the LED on the power switch. You will need to provide your own jumper wires for this as seen in the diagram above)

Note for Power Switch to AC Power Cable: Yellow/Green is typically ground, Brown is White and Blue is Black in the wiring diagrams.

Wire Connections Explained


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