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DIY Wiring Videos

How to wire arcade push-buttons and micro-switches.

A simple explanation on how to wire arcade push buttons and Button LEDs.

What is JAMMA and how does it work? 

A complete guide to JAMMA, wiring diagrams, JAMMA boards and their connections

JAMMA switcher, how it works, and how to wire it.

This is a simple JAMMA switcher, I will show you how it works, what it works with and how to wire it!

How to Connect the Power to JAMMA Boards.

Simple tutorial on how to connect the power to your JAMMA / Multi-game board harness.


DIY Wiring Cont'd & Demo Videos

How to wire and install printed inserts inside LED arcade push buttons

A quick explanation on how to wire LED arcade push buttons and install printed inserts.

How to build and wire an arcade coin door

How to assemble a coin door, how to fix common problems with your coin mech and how to wire with a CP mounted coin pushbutton.

How does the XXXX-in-1 Jamma Menu work .

A quick tutorial of how the Games Family XXXX-in-1 JAMMA board menu and how it works.

How to Map game inputs on the XXXX Games Family Jamma Boards

A quick tutorial to show you how to remap controls and fix games using the MAME settings in the back end.


DIY Hardware & Demo Videos

Ultimarc plug and play demonstration, an intro to Ultimarc products.

Quick intro to Ultimarc products: IPac 2 and 4, U-Trak Trackballs, SpinTrak Spinners and AimTrack Light Guns.

Ultimarc ServoStik 4 Way to 8 Way demo, how it works and how to install it.

Short video on the ServoStik from Ultimarc what it does, how it works and how to install it.

What are Arcade Encoders and how do they work?

A short breakdown of Arcade Controllers and Encoders by Retro Active Arcade Ltd.

Pandoras Box 4 All In One Arcade Controller Demo.

A quick Demonstration of the new Pandora's Box 4 gaming station controller.