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Rolling Stones Pinball Machine

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Rolling Stones Pinball Machine

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Product Description

Classic Rolling Stones Pinball Machine

Can't get no satisfaction? Then read on...

In 1979 the Bally Manufacturing Corporation set about designing a pinball table that would serve as a fitting tribute to one of the greatest Rock and roll bands of all time and this iconic machine, which was in production from 1980 to 1985, was the result. The first ROLLING STONES Pinball machine was designed in 1979, starting in June, and released in May 1980 simultaneously with the new ROLLING STONES-Album Emotional Rescue.

The planned production run was 5700 units but it was rumored that only around 700 were actually made, which would explain their EXTREME rarity today. Designed by Jim Patla and featuring artwork by the renowned Greg Freres, the table was noted for its fast game-play, multiplying rollover shots, hard drop targets and an exceptionally challenging ‘Satisfaction Lane’! This machine should not be confused with the Rolling Stones table produced by rival manufacturer Stern Pinball Inc. in 1999, which featured more contemporary artwork. This too was a fine table but is not as rare and exclusive as the earlier version offered here.

Extensive repairs have been completed to get this machine in top running condition. Some wear is notable on the playing field and the cabinet was previously repainted and air-brushed.

Name: Rolling Stones
Manufacturer: Bally Manufacturing Co.
Year: 1980
Type: Pinball
Subtype: Solid State

Maximum number of Players: 4
Cabinet Styles: Upright/Standard

Rolling Stones Pinball machine manual can be found here.






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