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Starts at $2249.99


6'H x 3'W x 3'D
Approximately 150lbs


    • The Origin is constructed using high quality 3/4" Melamine

    • Choose your finish - Black, White, Maple or Cherry Woodgrain

    • 1 or 2 Players turn-based or simultaneous play with up to 645 games!

    • Your choice of Themed Decal

    • Choice of 3/4" T-Moulding

    • Your choice of colour Competition HAPP 8-way joysticks

    • Your choice of colour HAPP buttons

    • HAPP speakers and easy access volume control with audio amplifier

  • Plug and play ready! No configuration required!


    • Coin Door

  • LED Buttons


We use Suzo HAPP controls in our builds, but you are not limited to our standard choice.
If you would like to have different controls, just let us know! We can accommodate your custom requests!