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JellyBean TV


JellyBean is the next step in unified home entertainment and communication.

JellyBean is revolutionizing the consumer market with our proprietary unified home entertainment (TM) and media solution. We are becoming the standard for entertainment by providing media and applications, hardware decoding, insane flexibility and the ability to consolidate all your pre-existing media sources through one JellyBean box.  JellyBean UHED features a super fast CPU teamed with a multi Core GPU 3D graphics accelerator giving it stellar performance.  Jellybean is a true voice enabled unified home entertainment system.  With your JellyBean you have access to social networking services, Instant Messaging services, office applications, voice and video conferencing services, audio and music services, access to popular subscription services, local and regional services, YouTube, games and more.  Access these services, applications and content by voice, pointing and clicking on the selected media or through a keyboard.  Our proprietary operating system is the most user friendly system available with simple and intuitive management menus, voice enabled navigation and search functions, plus plug and play hardware. This box is so small, you can even take it with you when to decide to give a presentation at work or take a vacation.

A Media Center experience like no other

Watch your favorite movie, tv show, sporting event and other live tv and on demand content through JellyBean.  Our proprietary aggregation engine index and catalogues readily available Internet content into one easy to use menu.  The user can then play this content simply by pointing and clicking on the selected media, our proprietary heuristic engine then selects the most appropriate stream for you. Our heuristic engine is host agnostic and only cares to deliver the most optimized stream for our users.  .  Our proprietary Media Center is the most user friendly system available with simple and intuitive management menus, voice enabled search functions, auto-updating services and an optional Wizard monitoring service to upgrade your Media Center whenever a new version is released. JellyBean has been developed to be constantly updated with the newest features available without requiring any technical skills. This is achieved by using OTA (Over-The-Air) technology to update the device’s software.This is a big leap in unified communication total user experience.  So sit back, watch your favorite show and use your favorite apps and media on the big screen. You’ll simply be notified when an update is available and then you can choose to install it at your convenience.

Ditch your cable and start watching all your favorite shows and movies today!